Monday 15th April 2019 11:00 Hrs

Invasion fleets have been damaged , however, during the hours of darkness, enemy shipping resumed their transit to Australian and New Zealand Territory. ANZACMF Naval and Air-force Units have suffered some equipment losses, some injuries-wounded and no fatalities.

As many as 160 vessels of the approximately 300 approaching from the north, have been sunk or destroyed. Of those approaching New Zealand from the east, most have been damaged or sunk. However, another fleet is not far from thier targeted coastal area of New Zealand.


The invaders, thought to originate on Planet Y6, have brought with them a snake-worm parasite which grows up to about 60-70 in length, and can easily penetrate into a Cro Magnon’s body via exposed skin. Within 2-3 days the snake/worm creature will eat all the host’s intestines, causing a slow, painful death.

The aliens carry these-snake-worms in a cloth bag, slung over their shoulders. Mostly they seem impervious to the penetration-occupation of this alien reptile. Perhaps of some biological rapport or affinity not possessed by Cro Magnons.

Any persons who see these reptiles must move quickly away from their presence, as they can leap several feet (in distance and height) and then penetrate a potential host’s skin. If necessary, but avoid if possible, attack the reptile-worm as you would a Planet Earth reptile-snake, however, be mindful that an error could or mistake could be fatal. The snake-worm aliens mostly do not occupy domestic stock such as sheep and cattle because of their hairy, strong/tough skin.

A successful treatment is available after infection/occupation by the snake-worm. Strong disinfectants, such as quarternary ammonium, carbolic acid, and phenyl usually kills the snake-worm. Chemicals such as bio-diesel, strong antiseptics and even mentholated spirits and kerosene will also kill this alien monster.

Once a person has been infected-occupied, the treatment, used successfully in the past, should be provided by a Doctor or Clinic Medical Staff.

The treatment process uses a an oral antibiotic, an electronic gun transmitter and swabbing the victim with a weak disinfectant, of which small amounts are absorbed into their body. The snake-worms then emerge from the victim. They should grabbed-grasped pulled out of he body of the victim, then placed into a bucket containing a strong disinfectant or any chemical which will kill them.

The best defence is to keep away. However, these snake-worm alien organisms have been our Planet for a considerable time. The various terrorist fundraiser terrorist groups working for the ‘church’ have deployed them to terrorise their victims or even to get rid of unwanted bodies.

This is the first time they have been deployed on a mass scale and indicates how desperate the alien neanderthals are to defeat our Rebellion and War for FREEDOM.

La Journal Societe’ Metamorphosee’