Trump's time off his love affair with Nth Korea, slanders and maligns Iran - Deliberate Provocation For All UNWG and Secular Cro Magnons


(1 Top) Trump and AXIS Power leaders
(2) Trump neanderthal showmanship as President
(3) A comic illustration of the fate of the world

Liars straight from Eye Spy, London UK, (1967 – 1990)

(1) Documentation relating to the origin of the oil was falsified, the oil originated in either Iraq or Saudia Arabia;
(2) The Panama registered ship was leased by the French Mafia for the smuggling/transport of crude oil from Saudia Arabia or Iraq, although Iraqi Officials claim they have ceased pumping oil, as all reserved were depleted during the USA occupation.
(3) the ship, the ‘I Grace’ is registered in Panama and owned by Exxon Petroleum.
(4) The so-called British Royal Navy Marines or British Navy Marines are wearing German Uniforms and carrying Czechoslovakian made Brno hand-guns. British Military Forces have never purchased weaponry from Brno. Distinguishable from the lead ‘Marine’s’ shoulder patch is German Navy or Deutsch Navee.
(5) Iran no longer sells oil or markets oil internationally. The Iranian Government owns the oil reserves and only pumps to little remaining oil for the refining into lubrication oil. Most of the oil reserves were depleted during the reign of the Shah of Iran.
(6)Provocation such as this lead to the invasion of the oil rich countries during the 1990s and later in 2011, with the invasion and looting of Iraq by USA & NATO.

Plain Talk is Needed so that the USA-NATO Catholic Churches’ Masters, the Planet Y66 Alien Neanderthals, listen and hear:
The USA and NATO should, if they can, muzzle Trump and the CIA/FBI propaganda machine if a ‘Trade War’ is to be averted. The 20th Century balance of power which was enforced by the threat of nuclear attack or ‘nukes’, is now passe’. A new ‘Balance of Power’ initiated by new knowledge has made such ploys as this impounding of the oil tanker is seen as behaviour of a dictator, or as some have observed, a deranged person seeking a ‘way out’.

Nukes are no longer a real threat, worse weapons exist now. The ‘pulse or rail gun’, chemical explosives more powerful and reliable than nuclear, proton bombs, clean more powerful than thermo-nuclear, bacteriological weapons, bombers capable of carrying up to 180 tons or ordnance, aircraft so fast they can reach a target anywhere in the world within a a few hours, aircraft carriers that can reach speeds of 80-9- knots, and traverse the distance been Australia or New Zealand in 24 hours.

Judge for yourself,…..

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Royal Marines seize tanker carrying Iranian oil off Gibraltar, Tehran summons ambassador to complain

Iran has summoned the British ambassador over the seizure of a supertanker believed to be breaching European Union sanctions by carrying a shipment of Tehran’s crude oil to war-ravaged Syria.
Key points:

Iran’s Foreign Ministry summoned the British ambassador in objection to the seizure Ship documentation says the oil is from Iraq, but tracking data indicates it’s from Iran The EU have imposed sanctions on Assad’s government over its crackdown on civilians

The Grace 1 supertanker was boarded by Royal Marines off Gibraltar, the British territory at the entrance to the Mediterranean.
How likely is a US-Iran conflict?
How likely is a US-Iran conflict?
US-Iran tensions are on the rise. Here’s what that could mean for Australia, the region and world oil prices.

The UK said it was stopped for breaching longstanding European sanctions on Syria, but Spain’s Government said the ship was stopped at the request of the United States, which has imposed sanctions on Iranian oil exports.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi called the ship’s seizure “odd and destructive”.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry summoned British ambassador Rob Macaire to voice “its very strong objection to the illegal and unacceptable seizure” of its ship.

The diplomatic gesture lifted any doubt over Iran’s ownership of the vessel, which flies a Panama flag and is listed as managed by a company in Singapore.

Shipping data suggests the tanker was carrying Iranian oil loaded off the coast of Iran, although its documents say the oil is from neighbouring Iraq.