Republic of Australia & New Zealand Currently Being Invaded


Sunday 14th April 2019 10:00 Hrs


In what seems is a ‘winner take all’ scenario the Republic of Australia and New Zealand are currently under threat of invasion from both the east and the west. A radio-telphone intercept received by J9 SOG Military Electronic Surrvaillence Unit indicates that the alien neanderthals from Planet Y6, and other Planets, are exasperated by the delays in neutralising/ending the Planet Earth-UNWG Rebellion, and have decided to marshal all their available resources to bring to heel the rebellious weak one Leaders and their Supporters, many of whom have taken refuge in Australia and New Zealand.

Two invasion fleets are sailing at full revs towards Australia and another sail due east towards the east coast of New Zealand.

Australian and New Zealand Airforce Units are currently attacking the two 150 vessel strong flotillas with free fall bombs and missiles. Many of the ships have been damaged, yet the flotillas are continuing on course to Australia and New Zealand. It is believed that the primary target areas are the recently gazetted Sacred Areas of NEW South Wales, West Victoria and West Australia. The Commanding Officer of he ANZACMF is currently located on the new military base in the Balranald Shire, West NSW.

Martial Law has been declared in Australia and New Zealand, and a curfew imposed upon both countries of sunset to sunrise.

Additionally the ANZACMF Army have seized the Victorian Parliament House. Martial Law has been declared in the State of Victoria and a sunset to sunrise curfew imposed. During a shootout with the corrupt-bogus Premier Daniel Andrews and his Cabinet, the Army Personnel killed most of the bogus Victorian Parliamentarians. Public appearances by any of these individuals will now be only ‘replicants’ or clones, similar to those of replicant Federal Government parliamentarians.

Australian Citizens are warned that most of West NSW, some of Northern Victoria and some of Southern Queensland have been declared a War Zone or Theatre of War, and all insurance policies are voided, damage to property or cars and vehicles will be considered and act of war.

All ANZACMF Personnel are to return immediately to Camps-Bases. All CMF Units, Reservists and Freedom Fighter Units are activated and should report to be provided with various supplies.

All of the above, Regular ANZAC Military Force Units, CMF Units, Freedom Fighter/Partisan Units, must be informed that there is an neanderthal (triad-nazi mafia-kanak-dragon society-cia-ira-fundraiser) invasion of Australian and New Zealand underway and that any and all terrorist or invader infrastructure and personnel are as of now, on the publication of this information, a target and can be legitimately attacked, destroyed and/or neutralised.

Listen to ABC National Radio and/or Shortwave to receive currently information.

ANZACMF-Military police