NEWS COMMENT - FRIDAY 12th April 2019


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italicsUPDATE 1812Hr-12-4-2019->UNWG-ANZACMF-MPs=J-Assange-extracted->UNWG-IPES-J9SOG=being interviewed=MPs-re J9-SOG Standing Orders->Sectn20=asserts innocence-MPs-to validate-J-A=sincere reliable person-answers truthfully-Regressed interview->confirms-all previously<>CIA+MI6+NATO-cath-ch Vatican-alien censor-stiffle info-vital 4-FREEDOM-DEMOCRACY-during imprisonment=rape+emasculation-Wikipedia-$=PO Cruises-ceased operation-a Division Bamfield AB Trading Bank International-EU-@ABCNews-Heeeeey-Donnie-Clubs are Trumps-Wikipedia is a UNWG Project to help save our Planet, Civilisation and species-Hands off, NATO-nazi-CIA-MI6-IRAor face the consequences-You’ll not get, flu vaccine, antibiotics for nandie illness or scrotum reconstruction, Heeey-Say NO, you’ll be sorry!italics


ANZACMF-MPs=Restricted areas-15 Shires-NSW-Qld-Vic-Agriculture-soils-crops-far-managed by qualified Ag Advisers-Fed-Repub-AU+NZ-DPI-Soil Nutrition+Managemt Auth=DPI-Produce-Marketed-Mannassist-world-UNWG-DNA tests compulsory-M-Police-Authority

ANZACMF-MPs=no such species as pygmy perch-specimen is an immature inland fresh water perch-fish kill along Darling R-result of neanderthal terrorist cath-ch-ch-bastardry-as stated B4 dead fish caused by poison-SIDS-used to murder children-sterilise women-get it right plse

UNWG-IPES-MF=Demographic India has changed=now about 350m=Cromagnon-Low Caste-Neanderthal=about 80m Hi Caste=Afrikanners=GOA+Triad-Beijing-control India?=Will result this election be will of the people?UNWG will watch-observe->PARABELLUM

Who Is Left to Say No to Trump? GO 2 – Only those with La Honour – those who are Respected or have Respect – UNWG & Military fulfills these criteria -Parabellum-FREEDOM or Death-non mercy-non quarter, non prisonere’

UNWG-MF-MPs=Ardour Crt State housing Complex-Houston-Texas-lo cost housing 4 disadvantaged coloured or hispanics-Gov money for developer=involved in dishonesty-flood land- worthless ‘badlands’-land of free-home of democracy=phooey (ED: UNWG-MF will continue to support the State of Canada’s occupation-partition of the former USA. Former USA now divided into northern social liberal-human States and the southern Confederacy, the southern neanderthal areas dominated-controled by nazi-right wing terrorists)

UNWG-MF-MPs= UNWG-Member Nations nothing 2 fear Modi Gov-Modi=Hindu=Human=Cro Magnon=strong religious spirituality-AOK-hate Muslims NO-Western media scaremongering-Modi has all Cro Magn psych-tolernace-compassion-empathy-India polls show change demographic India-now only about 500 million, 80% cro magnon-human<>neanderthals deceased-sick suffering from electronic gun mk II-


**Bold**By hook or by crook: Thieves nabbed red-handed in heist attempt from St. Petersburg museum
Society & Culture
April 10, 12:24 UTC+3

The two suspects were caught when one of them, while descending to the water by a rope, tried to mount a hook on a sculpture

MOSCOW, April 10. /TASS/. A spokesman for Russia’s National Guard said its troops thwarted a sculpture heist from the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, one of the largest museums in the country, noting that the suspects tried to haul off a museum exhibit by using a hook.

“Yesterday, a security guard, who was on duty at the Mikhailovsky Castle [part of the Russian Museum] saw two unidentified men trying to descend down a rope from the bridge that crosses a moat encircling the castle, where there are niches in which sculptures are installed. Staff members of the National Guard’s security troops were sent to the scene,” Spokesman Valery Gribakin said.

The two suspects were caught red-handed right when one of them, who was descending to the water by a rope, tried to mount a hook on a sculpture. Both men, in their 30s, are in police custody.


**bold**La Journal Societe’ Metamorphosee’