ANZACMF- Military Police

ANZACMF Military Police are seeking to interview Peter Craig Dutton relating to a number of matters.

***(1) It is claimed-alleged that Peter Craig Dutton did attempt to murder, unlawfully kill, John Jones of Murumbillah on 9th June 2008, by drowning in Lake Murumbillah. John Jones, then about 8 years old, had refused to allow Peter Dutton and his criminal associate Queensland Police Officer from the Murumbillah Police Station to engage in oral sex, sodomy and other forms of sexual intimacy. Both, Dutton and Senior Constable John Brownley, forced the then young John Jones into a small sailing boat, which had an outboard motor attached, and travelled to the centre of Lake Murumbillah, a distance of about 6 km. They both said to him in a threatening manner that if he refused to co-operate they would tie his hands and feet feet together and throw him into the water and allow him to drown.

He continued to refuse to co-operate with Dutton and Brownley. They both then forced him to the bottom of the boat, sexually assaulted him, then tied his hands and feet together. Together, they picked him up and threw into the water.

Dutton then started the outboard motor, and without a backward glance from either himself or Brownley, he steered the 12 foot motorised yacht towards the jetty on the north side of the Lake, adjacent to the Murumbillah Caravan Park.

***(2) Peter Craig Dutton, on his immigration and Citizenship application, falsely claimed to be a Citizen of the Federated States of the All Russias, born in Kiev. Military Police have determined he was born in Stuttgart, Province of Bavaria, Republic of Germany. His birth name is Peter Brownlee or John Peter Brownlee. He was recruited to be a Member of the East German Secret Police, the Stasi, about 1987. He then travelled to Kiev and became of Member of the Russian KGB. About 1999, to immigrated to Australia and applied for refugee status, claiming to be have been persecuted while in Kiev because of political beliefs. Immigration Officials granted him refugee status in June 2000.

***(3) He applied to the Queensland Police for appointment as a Police Officer using his fictitious experience with the Russian Police to gain employment. He was a member by the Queensland Police for about 7 months before the supposed or fictitious car accident in which he was injured and was unable to continue his Duties as a Police Constable. This resulted in a bogus claim for compensation, for which he was received $80,000 compensation. This, it seems, was the beginning of his life as a catholic ‘fund-raiser’ in the State of Queensland.

***(4) Details of his clandestine activities after his departure from the Queensland Police Force in late 2000, are incomplete, however, it is believed he was employed as an assassin by Australian Security Intelligence Service (ASIS) and was also involved in activities as an ‘enforcer, similar to his activities with ASIS’ with the Australian Federal Police (AFP). Between 2000 and 2008 there is information that he did one hit (assassination) per year for ASIS, for which he was paid $A75,000 per hit; there is also information he undertook at least one hit (assassination) for the AFP.

***(5) In 2001 he was given the job-role by the international nazi movement as Liberal Candidate for the Federal Parliamentary Electorate of Dickson. He duly ‘won’ (vote rigged victory – was appointed by Catholic Arch-Bishop Carmody) the election for the Seat of Dickson and became a Member of the Liberal/National Commonwealth monarchist Government.

***(6) Dutton has been appointed to numerous portfolios during his Parliamentary career, and in all his portfolios, sowed discord and disharmony, and been involved in controversial fundraising, under funding over funding, of numerous programs-policies, allegedly being involved in fraud, bribery, dishonesty and cronyism.

The ANZACMF Military Police have been seeking to interview Peter Craig Dutton for several years in relation to various matters, terrorism and including several murders of children at Lake Murumbillah, however, because he has been protected by ASIS, Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO), the AFP and the catholic church hierarchy, have been unable to do so.

Now, because the political tide has turned, perhaps, they get a hold of him before he flees the country, appointed to another international nazi movement position as assassin and terrorist.

UPDATE -> Sunday 16:30 hrs – 12th May 2019: Peter Craig Dutton, alleged international terrorist and murder has been arrested by ANZACMF Military Police and is facing numerous charges. Peter Dutton has admitted that he has several ‘replicants’, who impersonate him (the original), and it is likely that the Commonwealth monarchist bogus Government charade will continue to feature his replicants in press interviews and announcements. One of his replicants was discovered at the Sacred Area Camp Ivan. This replicant was known to and consorting and hiding with known terrorists and murderers who had breached Camp Ivan perimeter security. This particular group, all replicants, had previously managed the Murumbillah Caravan Park had robbed the Commonwealth Bank at Broken Hill several months ago, murdering a Private Security Guard during the robbery. The bank robbers, had been arrested and found guilty under J9 Standing Order 20, Aiding and Abetting International Terrorism. They had been all executed. However, just as Peter Dutton, they had been previously replicated and their replicants are still at large.

A decision of the High Court of Australia and New Zealand, has set the precedent that if an ‘Original’ (or a replicant) person is convicted of a crime, then all that person’s replicants (or Original) are likewise guilty of the same crime. The International Court of Justice (ICJ), located in Seoul, the capital of the Republic of Korea, has also set the same Precedent into the relationship of ‘Originals’, their replicants, and their guilt concerning crimes or wrong doings.

Additionally, Military Police interviewing Peter Dutton now have serious allegations concerning a number of senior Members of the bogus Commonwealth house of windsor crown Government and Members of the Public Service. Included on this list is Helmut Corrman, Finance Minister, several Board Members of the ABC, including Justin Milne (allegedly Stasi), Michelle Garcia (allegedly Stasi-USA Chapter), David Anderson (allegedly ASIO-MI6), the newly appointed Managing Director, Chris Bowden (Paul Sullivan – D-G ASIO 2003-7) now Director General of the Australian Taxation Office and Admiral-General Jones, currently hiding in the British Isles Embassy in New Zealand.