J9 Special Operation Group (J9 SOG)


WikiPedia Friday 19th April 2019

J9 Special Operation Group

A military intelligence unit permanently seconded to the UN World Government. J9, as it is referred to, acts as a clearing house of military intelligence from Member Nations of the UN World Government.

Formed in September 1961 at the height of the cold War between the nuclear super powers, J9 was charged with preventing the nuclear self-annihilation of the human species.

It has continued in that role ever since. With the super powers Cold War ended, J9 is marshalling humanity’s communities and Military against Planet Earth neanderthals and alien neanderthals from distant planets in a ‘winner take all scenario’. A Interspecies War to the last man standing; a War to determine which species will survive, or indeed, as the neanderthals would have it, ultimately which species is superior.

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