In Catholic Theocracy Queensland & Inland Australia, Nandie Elite-Caths believe Water more Valuable than OIL-


COMMENT- The bizarre allocation of irrigation water form the Murray-Darling Basin Rivers, a major system of waterways in the East of Australian Mainland, is typical of the comical system of corrupt Government in NSW and adjoining States. The lo-intelligence lo IQ catholic nandies and catholic theocracy, lacking scientific farming knowledge think irrigation of the inalnd in Australia is the pathway for wealth and fortune. This of course, has lead to their catholic church of encouraging and abusing the lands limited supply of surface water by their ignorant, cannibal flock. However, even to have a meaningfull examination of these abuses and the corruption, including the sale of ‘water rights’, definately a dumb feminista hand-holding scam to appease neanaderthal-simian terrorists. – West Riverina Farmers Association

ACCC to study Murray-Darling Basin’s $2 billion water market to see who owns what

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