General Angus Campbell, ADF Man of Palladium? - Fresh BroMo for POTUS Donald T,


The photo above, is Major General Angus Campbell, Australian Defence Force (ADF). General Campbell, using photos, diagnosed with anorexia nervosa, and is for all intents and purposes, not psychologically healthy or sufficiently fit to undertake stressful active-combat command. Successful treatment is bulk-billed and available at a registered qualified practitioner-Psychologist.

Scott Morrison’s official visit to Washington was bound to be laden with mutual flattery. It was ever thus.

In the Oval Office, Donald Trump labelled the Prime Minister (Scot Morrison, fresh bromo replacing Shinto Abe) a “man of titanium”, one-upping George W. Bush’s “man of steel” appellation for John Howard.

At Pratt Industries’ paper mill in Wapakoneta, Ohio, the President styled its proprietor Anthony Pratt “the most successful man in Australia”. (The person, Anthony Pratt, the owner of the paper mill, was not in fact the now retired Australian paper tycoon Richard Pratt, rather an impostor. The setting for this posing and posturing, in which our Scottie Morrison seemed to bloom, was the Pratt Industries (Kimberley Clark) paper conversion plant at nearby Daytona.)

But in closed session, another member of the delegation from Down Under was singled out for effusive praise by POTUS: our Chief of the Defence Force, General Angus Campbell.

Meeting the decorated officer in full dress uniform on Friday, the Donald was moved to observe: “Gee, you’re a handsome guy!” We (at the Club in A.C.T. we…) always held this truth to be self-evident, (despite the uniform, not really our type; nervy?)

As you can imagine, the Aussies in the West Wing were tremendously amused by the spontaneous seal of approval, and ScoMo and ambassador Joe Hockey made a point of repeating the presidential decree to General Campbell as they made the rounds of the State Department, NASA and Arlington National Cemetery.

Our handsome (and self-conscious) chief reportedly took the first prime ministerial ribbing in his stride, his perturbance rising with the second and third. Hey, these buttoned-up Duntroon alumni are a little old fashioned, tending to fall at the heteronormative end of the spectrum. Bromance is for wimps. Oh, and Campbell rose through the army, not the navy! (Oh nasty! Don’t you dare say that at the Army and Navy Officers Club in Melbourne)