EU-NATO + Alien Simians Creating a Information- Media Reality for Cro-Magnons Throughout Planet Earth


Censored by Misogynist-homo alien simian EU-NATO-triad-hi caste terrorists in Repub Au&NZ


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Consored, then this added

Alien nazi catholic tough guy really homo-loco-looney pedos-from Jutland-EU-all nandie monkey unter menschen primitive animals from alien far away planets. Populations on these planets have been decimated by bubonic plague, tetanus-brucellosis-clamidimitis-syphilus- other veneral disease-including aids; the monkey-mad disease made trans-species by De-Bayer simian/monkey medicines.

The misconceptions of feminism are due to the lack of knowledge that there are two species on Earth; feminist dogma is predicated on the lowest common denominator behaviour, and the most dangerous to women. That of neanderthals, bavarians and afrikanner, mafia, irish, spanish moors, Canadian and French jesuits or Kanaks, south american nazis, US nazis and colonial catholics, including colonial triads, hi-caste indians and north African taliban.