There is a saying among Native-Patriotic Australians and New Zealanders, ‘It is possible to take the European out of Europe, but it is impossible to take the Europe out of the European!’

John Barilaro is a good example of the European-neanderthal domination of East NSW Government and the National Party. Allegedly born in Australia, his genetic origins and culture are Italian, his feet may be in Australia, but because of his upbring, speaking Italian and boarding at Michael’s Catholic School, his head is definitely in Europe.

In his early years he worked as a carpenter in a family factory and is familIar with timber and wood and the value it has. Like many immigrants raised in NATO-Eu neanderthal family groups, it seem John Barilaro has inadequate education or sensitivity to understand the ecological or cultural significance of the tall river red gums bordering the rivers of the Murray – Darling Basin. Like many of his Italian ancestors a 150 years ago, he sees the few remaining River Red gums in terms of dollars and cents.

At the time of arrival of Eu and British colonialists about 1840, Red Gums lined the rivers and Red Gum Forests were abundant in the Riverina region. Within 10-12 years of NATO-Eu-British colonisation the forests and most of the trees, most hundreds of years old, were gone. Much of the timber cut from these forests went to provide railway sleepers for the ever expanding British and European railway networks. The sleepers were hard when cured, resilient to insect attack and damp moulds and above all else, they were cheap. According to the British Colonial Office, Australia was ‘terra nullus’, and the timber could be harvested without royalties or consideration for the true owners of the land (who were unter menschen said the British), their culture and their environment.

John (johnnie be good) Barilaro is reviving the colonialist attitudes by advocating the harvesting and logging of the People’s National Parks and, knowing the attitude of Eu italiano immigrants, river red gums on private land. The ANZACMF Military Police are alleging ‘Johnnie Be Good’ Barilaro and his coterie , are really observing with envy (obsessive among neanderthal Europeans) the burgeoning communities of the Cro Magnon Sacred Areas of the West Riverina.

The Cro Magnon owners, the People of the Sacred Areas and those resident throughout the Murray-Darling Basin Precinct will use force of arms if necessary, with the support of the ANZAC-MF, to keep these Sydney-‘sin city’ banditos, brigands and europhiles away from our forests, our lands and our families, all of which are Sacred.

‘Johnnie be Good’ Barilaro, you and your coterie of ‘finger at the ready mucho-hombres’,… keep hands off our lands, forests, trees, and families (and cars, sheep and cattle) or face the consequences.

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NSW deputy premier vows to open up Murray Valley national park to logging

John Barilaro wants to remove protection by either de-gazetting the entire park or reducing its size

Lisa Cox

Thu 11 Jul 2019 04.00 AEST
Last modified on Thu 11 Jul 2019 04.52 AEST

John Barilaro wants to reverse protection of the Murray Valley national park in NSW. Photograph: Ross McDonnell

The NSW deputy premier has vowed to introduce legislation to open up a national park in the state’s Riverina region to logging.

John Barilaro wants to remove protection of the 42,000 hectare Murray Valley national park by either de-gazetting the entire park or reducing its size.

Barilaro told the National party’s recent state conference a bill would be reintroduced to the parliament after the winter recess.

Whether it takes the form of a private member’s bill or government bill will depend on there being broader Coalition support for reversing the listing of the park. Such a move would be a first for New South Wales and is fiercely opposed by environment groups.
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The conservation area is known for its river red gum forests and is home to several threatened species and a Ramsar-listed wetland.

For it to be a government bill it would also have to go to cabinet, and it is not currently on the cabinet agenda.

Barilaro told Guardian Australia he was prepared to have a debate within the Coalition about the park’s status.

“The river red gums industry was wiped out by the stroke of a pen by [former Labor leader] Nathan Rees in his dying days as premier,” he said.