All Australian Broadcast Commission (ABC) Personnel To Be Arrested - Aid & Abet International Terrorism


ANZACMF-MPs=Any election result voided-vote rigging found-Sydney-massive number phoney vote-change election result-HighCourt AU Writ=proven-Election=rigged-result voided-Martial Law 2 Remain-F/M John Paine remains- Military Governor-ABC ->>-electn voided-New Election soon@ABCNews

UNWG-ANZAC Foreign Legion&Airforce-surrvailance Iran-Iraq Border-Suez-Iraq-taliban-Army-training 2 blow bridges-isolate Iran-Aid-medicines-Food-UNWG Army help Iran-Swiss banks->>J9=no more credit 4 USA=Pres Trump+Duterte-$US1.5T arrears-no=credit=USA Bankrupt@ABCNews

ANZACMF-MPs=vote rig scandal-where vote rig done-filling out 1000s vote forms for 2 wks-found->4 bankrupt USA? 40 ton gold=$US27bill-now seized-from terrorist by ANZACMF-MPs=MI6+CIA=use 4 next electn+Military via @ABCNews

ANZACMF-MPs=As this is published-Army-Airforce preparing to capture all ABC+participants in illegal insurrectionist Tally room broadcast-installing a Govmt 4 Au People-no legal authority-ANZACMF-C-O-F/M Paine-now Governor=>High Court-AU-orders all ABC arrested via @ABCNews

Chairperson Ita Buttrose, resigned over this issue-your Australian ABC now run by Justin Milne – MI6 – Stasi and Michelle Garcia, CIA and USA Stasi – David Anderson, graduate of Xavier College Melboure-Dux of Machevaillian Strategies and 12 different language groups, remains to be a stooge for MI6 and CIA