AUSTRALIA - STATE OF VICTORIA; Military Coup Has Overturned theocracy Government


Monday 15th April 2019

The ANZACMF Military Coup which saw Army Units occupy the Victorian Parliament House, has been successful

The bogus and fraudulent Government, appointed by the Sydney based catholic church has been thrown out or office, which most of it’s Members killed in shootouts. Parliament House and the original State Offices have been destroyed by artillery fire and battle.

The Constitution has been suspended and Martial Law Declared. The sunset to sunrise Curfew will continue for the next few days. Those who break or contravene the curfew can be arrested by Military Police and sentenced to detention in Baxter Federal Prison.

Major General Steven Cardwell, a Graduate of the Roxby Downs Leadership & Officers School, has been appointed Military Governor.

Announcements will be made as to the restructuring of the Victorian Public Service and future programs will be made over the next few days.

For and On Behalf of Major General Steven Cardwell,

By La Journal Societe’ Metamorphosee’