UPDATE: 1/8/19

17:00 Hrs

The massacre of nearly 3000 Australians in the central and northern regions of Victoria, have lead to other investigations on the Mornington Peninsula and on the western shores of Port Phillip Bay to the Bellarine Peninsula and hinterlands.

The collating of Missing Persons reports from the above areas south-east and south-west of Melbourne have revealed that about 990 persons have been reported missing. Investigations of work-place absenteeism for one employer found that as much as 50% of the work-force had been absent within the last 7 days.

Furthermore, a massive bunker system was discovered under Arthurs Seat, a massive hill on the shore of Port Phillip Bay, just north of Dromana. Acting on information received, J9 and ANZAC-MF Military Police entered the bunker to find, to their horror, eight older men hung upside down in a smelly cavern.

These kidnapped people were removed and further investigations found a huge cavern under the central peak of Arthur’s Seat. A J9-ANZACMF demolition team placed a large explosive device near the side of the cavern. The detonation caused the cavern to collapse, killing the dancing south american terrorists and grey uniformed gangsters dancing around fires beneath. The explosion reduced the height of the Arthur’s Seat by as much as 100 metres, near the Bay shore-line and much of the distance to Red Hill, 12 km east. The elderly people who were rescued are undergoing medical treatment and will be interviewed later today.

Investigations further south from the site of the Arthurs Seat replication centre, at all the small towns and hamlets along the Bay’s coast-line has revealed that in a time frame of about 24 to 30 months, about 12,000 people have disappeared. Military Police and J9 Security are assuming that the disappearances in the region are due to the harvesting of cro magnon people. This particular Bay coast line is a popular retirement area as well as popular during the summer season for Melburians camping and caravaning.

Similar investigations on the west side of Port Phillip Bay have found an identical situation. From a point just north of Geelong to Point Arlington, Queenscliff, Point Lonsdale and west along the Bellarine Peninsula, more than 12,000 people have disappeared in the same time frame of 24-30 months.

From the time of the beginning of the disappearances, it is believed that the AXIS Powers and the alien neanderthals – catholic church established large replication centres at the tip of the Nepean Penninsula. Replications centres had also been established near Queenscliff and under the Deakin University Campus at Waurn Ponds.

These ‘disappeared’ individuals, Investigators are confident, were cannibalised or eaten to ensure the growth of replicants after the cloning process.

Within the last 30 months there have been many random ‘disappearances’ throughout Victoria. In all, with these random ‘disappearances’ added to the total, the number of murdered-harvest cro magnons for alien-neanderthal catholic banquets and as a protein supplement has totalled about 35,000 – 40,000 plus people.



While the people of Australia and New Zealand grapple with these horrors of the undeniable proof of the intent of the alien neanderthals and the Planet Earth accomplices, the catholic church-vatican, Australian and New Zealanders should be made aware that for the first time since July 1945, ANZAC Military Forces are now embroiled in battles with alien-NATO-triad neanderthals in the Papua New Guinea (Lae, Finschaven and Unnar-New England-Rabual and New Ireland (now both New Hebrides).

Naval Activity by NATO-nazi-neandertthal USA units and triad-Shinto Abe Commanded Navy and Army Units in this area has induced the Military Governor of the Republic of Australia and New Zealand to deveLop military bases in the north of Australia and in Papua New Guinea. Many Army, Navy and Air-Force Units are now station in the north of Australian.

**Military Governor
Republic of Australia and New Zealand.**