PRESS RELEASE; NO EMBARGO, 19:00 Hrs Tuesday 14th May 2019

ANZAC Military Forces,

The Senior Officers of the ANZAC Military Forces are considering if it is necessary mobilise all Personnel, including the ANZAC (UNWG) Foreign Legion and Air-Force to counter the burgeoning instability within our Nation’s Borders and threats of a Trade War between our northern neighbours.

Senior Officers believe that the escalating tensions and war-mongering between triad-central China and the now divided USA, over tariffs, may spill over into a Regional conflict which could involve the Republic of Australia and New Zealand and many of our near neighbours.

Also, the horrors of incidents at Camp Paika and Balranald over the last weekend have brought into sharp focus the dangers facing our Nation and our Peoples.

With the uncertainty of a bogus insurrectionist election this Saturday (18th May), the warmongering of triad central China, USA , the Phillipines, resurgent Bushido Militarianism of Japan, there is the added threat to World Peace from the catholic south American States and their increasingly powerful nazi movement and support for NATO countries, paganism and aliens.

Hence, the Senior Officers of the ANZAC Military Forces and the ANZAC Foreign Legion and Air-Force, are cancelling all leave for the next ten days, and laying in extra supplies of ordnance, ammunition, fuel, food, water and medical supplies.
If necessary a General Mobilisation will Declared and all Personnel of the ANZAC Military Forces, Citizen Military Force (CMF) Units and Irregular Units will report as Ordered by Senior Officers.

Citizens of the Republic of Australia and New Zealand, this emergency has not come as a surprise. Such a situation has been anticipated for some time.

The ANZAC Military Forces and ANZAC Foreign Legion and Air-Force are ready!

In the event of a confrontation between the above mentioned Nations/States, the Order of the Day, Will Be;

FREEDOM or DEATH, non merci, non quartere, non prisonere.

Good Luck to you all.

Senior Officers of the ANZAC Military Forces and Foreign Legion and Air-Force.