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PRESS RELEASE: Saturday, , , , , February 12, 2011 06:43 AESDST NO EMBARGO


Forensic Pathologists and Medical Examiners from various Australian Hospitals, the Australian Defence Force and from
the UN J9 Special Operation Group (J9 SOG) Research Unit have determined beyond reasonable doubt, the numerous
deaths among Australian children in the last 72 hours, have been caused by poison.

The poison which has caused the majority of the deaths, is, as speculated, an alkaloid, (designated P1) which damages or
destroys blood vessels, particularly in young children-people. It originates in South America, and is derived from a herb or plant, native to many States on that continent. It has been cultivated extensively over many decades to ensure a plentiful supply for the catholic international fund-raiser terrorist network.
The other suspected cause of other in-explicable childhood and adult illnesses, although often not fatal, is also an alkaloid (designated P2), which damages blood vessels in the stomach or intestines, allowing the egress of toxic substances, which then can cause cell mutations and cancers-tumours. This is also a native plant of the southern americas and it has been cultivated extensively to provide large quantities of the alkaloid for the catholic international fundraiser terrorist network.

UN J9 SOG Research Unit Personnel have been able to source biological material from infants or babies that died more
than 25 years ago, of what was diagnosed as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS by Medical Doctors and
Pathologists. Numerous analyzes of the blood of deceased Baby A (about nine weeks of age), revealed a very high level
of alkaloid P1. Other blood samples of the same period or era, from other deceased babies, also diagnosed as having died from SIDS, one deceased baby only one day old, also revealed very high levels of P1. Further samples, sources from
other hospitals in Australia and from other countries, will be analyzed over the next few weeks to determine the extent of
use of P1, throughout the world.

The other alkaloid, P2, was found in blood samples taken from an adult male person about 2 weeks ago, when he
consulted a endocrine specialist about possible bowel cancer. The man, who lived in Melbourne, Australia, of about 48
years of age, had been advised by an oncologist or cancer-tumour specialist, to have an exploratory bowel operation to
determine the precise cause of his patients’ irritable bowel syndrome or diverticulitis. The endocrine specialist, having
encountered this symptomology previously among his patients, was able to prescribe herbal garlic capsules or
preparations, which are available from Supermarkets.

J9 SOG Research Unit Personnel, during previous studies and surveys, have found that this symptomology, at various
times, has been common among many groups of the Australian population. These groups include males and females of
any age from Muslim Communities, Jewish Communities, Protestant Christian Communities, and Buddhists and Hindu
Communities, most who were devout believers in their particular religious belief system and culture. By simple deduction, all these individuals were non-catholic, that is, any religion other than catholic, and possibly or even probably, ‘uncooperative’ and/or ‘recalcitrant’ relative to fundraising.

This is the evidence so far. Clearly, the evidence shows unequivocal or unrepentant malice aforethought, and considerable planning and organisation. Crimes committed by, possibly-probably, mentally unstable, subjugated-terrorised, obedient individuals or puppets-robots, who have scant regard for human life and little or no morality and no knowledge of what is ‘right or wrong’, that is, the laws in our modern 21st century society. Allegedly, by extension, individuals who are criminally insane, or as described in other countries as, certifiably insane! In Australia, there are about 4 million catholics, in the World about one billion,……


PRESS RELEASE: Saturday, February 12, 2011 06:43 AESDST NO EMBARGO


The Office of the Commander in Chief of the Australian Defence Force (CiC ADF) is issuing this urgent warning to all
Australian Mums, in all Capital Cities and Country towns; catholic murderers are on the loose. Australia has been deemed
a ‘difficult country’ or ‘recalcitrant country’ by the international organised fund-raiser crime gangs and members of the
catholic fund-raiser international network of terror, and in retaliation, mentally unstable older catholics have been ordered to poison Australian babies, where-ever and however they can.

In the last 36 hours, as many as 200 babies, between the ages of 9 and 36 months have been murdered in the Capital
Cities of Australia.

The poisons used are those usually given to child and teenage prostitutes when they are kidnapped and forced into sex
slavery by catholic fundraiser terrorists and criminals. The drug, a derivative of potent herbal preparations from South
America, causes sterility in women, and when given to men in large doses, causes brain damage and impotency.
In children, particularly at the age above, 9 – 36 months, it causes laboured breathing, that is, rasped breathing or
wheezing, in large doses respiratory failure and/or heart failure. In children which have survived, brain damage can be
evident. Death can ensure within twelve hours of ingestion, and the only known treatment is to induce vomiting, so as to
regurgitate the poison. This particular drug may also be the possible cause of what is known as SIDS, or ‘sudden infant
death syndrome’.

There is now some concern that the epidemics of ‘wheezing’ or ‘asthma’, which have occurred from time to time over
decades, and which had medical authorities puzzled as to their origin, could be caused by this poison. Heart-Lung and
respiratory specialists are speculating it may cause respiratory damage at lower dosage levels, which are non-lethal,
particularly in older children.

The symptoms of other poisoned children indicate that they may have been given a drug, which also originates in South
America, and is used to induce stomach-intestine-bowel carcinomas-cancers-tumours in ‘difficult’ or ‘unco-operative’ or
‘recalcitrant’ people who refuse to co-operate with catholic fund-raiser criminals and the catholic fund-raiser international network of terror. In children, the symptoms are severe stomach discomfort or pain, diarrhea and later, irritable bowel syndrome or diverticulitis. These symptoms are the same as for adults.

The irritable bowel syndrome or diverticulitis can be cured using oil of garlic capsules or other herbal preparations
containing garlic, fenugreek and marshmallow. Where children are suffering these symptoms or illnesses, very small
amounts of the above preparations can be used.
Cancer or tumours as a result of these drugs can occur within three to five years and usually after repeated and frequent

Investigators with the ADF and J9 are speculating that this attack on the most vulnerable members of our Community, and on the very foundations of our Society, has been ordered by the italian calabrian fund-raiser genadore and gatto families of griffiths, paramatta, mildura, tooradin, and brunswick-preston-st albans and all Australian suburbs where there are concentrations of catholic church parishioners.

The various italian mafioso fund-raiser gangs, the most active, brutal, vicious, callous, and pagan-philistine, have suffered
heavy losses among their so-called ‘soldiers’ in recent weeks, as many as 15,000 at the hands of the Australian Defence
Force (ADF) and Australian Loyalist Civilian Militias (Freedom Fighters or Australian La Resistance). This attack on, and
murder of, Australian Babies is thought to be in retaliation for Australians and the ADF say ‘NO’ to catholic fund-raiser
terror and atrocities, and the international catholic fund-raiser terror network.

Authorized by the Office of the Military Governor/Commander in Chief of the ANZACMF and Military Police, UNWG
Military Forces.