Thursday 18th April 2019

Report: Afrikanner-Goa, Triad, Taliban Now in Australia-Moving South to Loot, Pillage Plunder

Aliens, along with their ‘good-boy’ replicant allies, the Afrikanners, Triads, and Taliban have moved south from the Gulf of Carpentaria and Darwin towards the Sacred Areas. ANZACMF Army Units have been deployed to intercept their them.

Number of Infestation in West Riverina and along Murray River High

The number of reportd incidents of infection-occupation by alien lizard/snakes has been highest in the West Riverina and along areas/towns boardering the River Murray. Infections are also high along the eastern coastal Regions, from Newcastle to Brisbane to Townsville. Accurate records are not available as the Aliens and their Earth allies, the catholic church, Nazis, Taliban, triads have ordered a media blackout on the severity of the numbers of Citizens injured and/or dead.

Guess-ti-mations from hearsay and anecdotal information put the current figure at about 100,000 for each of the Capital Cities, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane with only a nominal number in Perth and Darwin as yet.

Anthropologists and demographers in Oceania, Asia and Europe have speculated in briefings to the IPES Unit that within the first two weeks of the deployment by Aliens and their allies, as many as 1.5 billion individuals could have persihed.