Monday 15th April 2019 11:00 Hrs

Invasion fleets have been damaged , however, during the hours of darkness, enemy shipping resumed their transit to Australian and New Zealand Territory. ANZACMF Naval and Air-force Units have suffered some equipment losses, some injuries-wounded and no fatalities.

As many as 160 vessels of the approximately 300 approaching from the north, have been sunk or destroyed. Of those approaching New Zealand from the east, most have been damaged or sunk. However, another fleet is not far from thier targeted coastal area of New Zealand.


The invaders, thought to originate on Planet Y6, have brought with them a snake-worm parasite which grows up to about 60-70 in length, and can easily penetrate into a Cro Magnon’s body via exposed skin. Within 2-3 days the snake/worm creature will eat all the host’s intestines, causing a slow, painful death.

The aliens carry these-snake-worms in a cloth bag, slung over their shoulders. Mostly they seem impervious to the penetration-occupation of this alien reptile. Perhaps of some biological rapport or affinity not possessed by Cro Magnons.

Any persons who see these reptiles must move quickly away from their presence, as they can leap several feet (in distance and height) and then penetrate a potential host’s skin. If necessary, but avoid if possible, attack the reptile-worm as you would a Planet Earth reptile-snake, however, be mindful that an error could or mistake could be fatal. The snake-worm aliens mostly do not occupy domestic stock such as sheep and cattle because of their hairy, strong/tough skin.

A successful treatment is available after infection/occupation by the snake-worm. Strong disinfectants, such as quarternary ammonium, carbolic acid, and phenyl usually kills the snake-worm. Chemicals such as bio-diesel, strong antiseptics and even mentholated spirits and kerosene will also kill this alien monster.

Once a person has been infected-occupied, the treatment, used successfully in the past, should be provided by a Doctor or Clinic Medical Staff.

The treatment process uses a an oral antibiotic, an electronic gun transmitter and swabbing the victim with a weak disinfectant, of which small amounts are absorbed into their body. The snake-worms then emerge from the victim. They should grabbed-grasped pulled out of he body of the victim, then placed into a bucket containing a strong disinfectant or any chemical which will kill them.

The best defence is to keep away. However, these snake-worm alien organisms have been our Planet for a considerable time. The various terrorist fundraiser terrorist groups working for the ‘church’ have deployed them to terrorise their victims or even to get rid of unwanted bodies.

This is the first time they have been deployed on a mass scale and indicates how desperate the alien neanderthals are to defeat our Rebellion and War for FREEDOM.

La Journal Societe’ Metamorphosee’



Sunday 14th April 2019 10:00 Hrs


In what seems is a ‘winner take all’ scenario the Republic of Australia and New Zealand are currently under threat of invasion from both the east and the west. A radio-telphone intercept received by J9 SOG Military Electronic Surrvaillence Unit indicates that the alien neanderthals from Planet Y6, and other Planets, are exasperated by the delays in neutralising/ending the Planet Earth-UNWG Rebellion, and have decided to marshal all their available resources to bring to heel the rebellious weak one Leaders and their Supporters, many of whom have taken refuge in Australia and New Zealand.

Two invasion fleets are sailing at full revs towards Australia and another sail due east towards the east coast of New Zealand.

Australian and New Zealand Airforce Units are currently attacking the two 150 vessel strong flotillas with free fall bombs and missiles. Many of the ships have been damaged, yet the flotillas are continuing on course to Australia and New Zealand. It is believed that the primary target areas are the recently gazetted Sacred Areas of NEW South Wales, West Victoria and West Australia. The Commanding Officer of he ANZACMF is currently located on the new military base in the Balranald Shire, West NSW.

Martial Law has been declared in Australia and New Zealand, and a curfew imposed upon both countries of sunset to sunrise.

Additionally the ANZACMF Army have seized the Victorian Parliament House. Martial Law has been declared in the State of Victoria and a sunset to sunrise curfew imposed. During a shootout with the corrupt-bogus Premier Daniel Andrews and his Cabinet, the Army Personnel killed most of the bogus Victorian Parliamentarians. Public appearances by any of these individuals will now be only ‘replicants’ or clones, similar to those of replicant Federal Government parliamentarians.

Australian Citizens are warned that most of West NSW, some of Northern Victoria and some of Southern Queensland have been declared a War Zone or Theatre of War, and all insurance policies are voided, damage to property or cars and vehicles will be considered and act of war.

All ANZACMF Personnel are to return immediately to Camps-Bases. All CMF Units, Reservists and Freedom Fighter Units are activated and should report to be provided with various supplies.

All of the above, Regular ANZAC Military Force Units, CMF Units, Freedom Fighter/Partisan Units, must be informed that there is an neanderthal (triad-nazi mafia-kanak-dragon society-cia-ira-fundraiser) invasion of Australian and New Zealand underway and that any and all terrorist or invader infrastructure and personnel are as of now, on the publication of this information, a target and can be legitimately attacked, destroyed and/or neutralised.

Listen to ABC National Radio and/or Shortwave to receive currently information.

ANZACMF-Military police



UNWG MF-MPs=the Cath Ch->legitimate earth front-alien neanderthals-organising+marshaling humans-cro magnons 4 use as meat-slaves-breeders-pleasure<>UNWG not accept rehabilitn-Pope Benedict=replicant now-A/Bish Mannix-Australia-Benedict=la mare-fault->worst brutality via @ABCNews

UNWG-MF-MPs=MPs=J9-SOG-have extracted J-Assange->Dartmoor-put him Protective Custody-reason-denial human rights->MI6+CIA+IRA=re British Then Royals-j-Assange subject 2 crim-terrorist-Windsor-vendetta-Matter put B4 ICJ-4 trial-A-J-set-now safe
italicsUPDATE 1812Hr-12-4-2019->UNWG-ANZACMF-MPs=J-Assange-extracted->UNWG-IPES-J9SOG=being interviewed=MPs-re J9-SOG Standing Orders->Sectn20=asserts innocence-MPs-to validate-J-A=sincere reliable person-answers truthfully-Regressed interview->confirms-all previously<>CIA+MI6+NATO-cath-ch Vatican-alien censor-stiffle info-vital 4-FREEDOM-DEMOCRACY-during imprisonment=rape+emasculation-Wikipedia-$=PO Cruises-ceased operation-a Division Bamfield AB Trading Bank International-EU-@ABCNews-Heeeeey-Donnie-Clubs are Trumps-Wikipedia is a UNWG Project to help save our Planet, Civilisation and species-Hands off, NATO-nazi-CIA-MI6-IRAor face the consequences-You’ll not get, flu vaccine, antibiotics for nandie illness or scrotum reconstruction, Heeey-Say NO, you’ll be sorry!italics


ANZACMF-MPs=Restricted areas-15 Shires-NSW-Qld-Vic-Agriculture-soils-crops-far-managed by qualified Ag Advisers-Fed-Repub-AU+NZ-DPI-Soil Nutrition+Managemt Auth=DPI-Produce-Marketed-Mannassist-world-UNWG-DNA tests compulsory-M-Police-Authority

ANZACMF-MPs=no such species as pygmy perch-specimen is an immature inland fresh water perch-fish kill along Darling R-result of neanderthal terrorist cath-ch-ch-bastardry-as stated B4 dead fish caused by poison-SIDS-used to murder children-sterilise women-get it right plse

UNWG-IPES-MF=Demographic India has changed=now about 350m=Cromagnon-Low Caste-Neanderthal=about 80m Hi Caste=Afrikanners=GOA+Triad-Beijing-control India?=Will result this election be will of the people?UNWG will watch-observe->PARABELLUM

Who Is Left to Say No to Trump? GO 2 – Only those with La Honour – those who are Respected or have Respect – UNWG & Military fulfills these criteria -Parabellum-FREEDOM or Death-non mercy-non quarter, non prisonere’

UNWG-MF-MPs=Ardour Crt State housing Complex-Houston-Texas-lo cost housing 4 disadvantaged coloured or hispanics-Gov money for developer=involved in dishonesty-flood land- worthless ‘badlands’-land of free-home of democracy=phooey (ED: UNWG-MF will continue to support the State of Canada’s occupation-partition of the former USA. Former USA now divided into northern social liberal-human States and the southern Confederacy, the southern neanderthal areas dominated-controled by nazi-right wing terrorists)

UNWG-MF-MPs= UNWG-Member Nations nothing 2 fear Modi Gov-Modi=Hindu=Human=Cro Magnon=strong religious spirituality-AOK-hate Muslims NO-Western media scaremongering-Modi has all Cro Magn psych-tolernace-compassion-empathy-India polls show change demographic India-now only about 500 million, 80% cro magnon-human<>neanderthals deceased-sick suffering from electronic gun mk II-


**Bold**By hook or by crook: Thieves nabbed red-handed in heist attempt from St. Petersburg museum
Society & Culture
April 10, 12:24 UTC+3

The two suspects were caught when one of them, while descending to the water by a rope, tried to mount a hook on a sculpture

MOSCOW, April 10. /TASS/. A spokesman for Russia’s National Guard said its troops thwarted a sculpture heist from the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, one of the largest museums in the country, noting that the suspects tried to haul off a museum exhibit by using a hook.

“Yesterday, a security guard, who was on duty at the Mikhailovsky Castle [part of the Russian Museum] saw two unidentified men trying to descend down a rope from the bridge that crosses a moat encircling the castle, where there are niches in which sculptures are installed. Staff members of the National Guard’s security troops were sent to the scene,” Spokesman Valery Gribakin said.

The two suspects were caught red-handed right when one of them, who was descending to the water by a rope, tried to mount a hook on a sculpture. Both men, in their 30s, are in police custody.


**bold**La Journal Societe’ Metamorphosee’



10th April 2019


A Writ put before a quorum of High Court of Australia Judges, and consecutively to the Supreme Court of New South Wales Chief Judge, seeking to have restraining orders placed on neanderthals and hybrid neanderthals travelling in the following Shires or Council Areas of West and North-West NSW, Southern Queensland and central north Victoria has been found proven in both Courts – Jurisdictions.

The Writ put by the submitted by all the Shires-Councils listed below sought to have restraining Orders placed on all hybrid neanderthals and neanderthals, from our Planet, or Planet Earth, or any other Planet being their birthplace, preventing them from travelling along highways, secondary roads, or side roads (also known as long paddocks) for any purpose what-so-ever, professional purposes or private purposes. Furthermore, all hybrid neanderthals and neanderthals from our Planet, Planet Earth, or any other Planet being their birthplace, are prevent from being within the boundaries of the listed Shires.

Breach of these Restraining Orders will attract an automatic jail sentence of six (6) months in the Federal prison Baxter, South Australia. Successive breaches of the Restraining Orders will attract increased jail terms of up to 18 years.

The following Shires-Council Areas which are subject to the Restraining Orders are as follows:

Central Darling River Shire; (Ivanhoe, Wilcannia, Surveyors Lake)
Broken Hill Shire (Broken Hill, Wilcannia, including Wentworth and Euston)
Bourke – Cobar Shire; (Bourke, Cobar, Tilpa)
Balranald Shire; (Hatfield, Oxley, Homebush)
Wakool Shire; (Moulimein, Wakool, Kyalite)
Swan Hill Shire; (Lake Boga, Nyah, Ultima)
Gnanawarra Shire; (Quambatook, Kerang, Lalbert,, Kondrook, Cohuna, Pyramid Hill, Liechardt, Mitiamo,
Coonargo Shire; (Coonargo, Pretty Pine)
Central Murray Shire; (Echuca-Moama)
Hay Shire; (Booligal, Maude)
Moree & Walget Shire; (Moree, Walget)
Coffs Harbour Shire; (Coffs Harbour, Tenderfield)
Warwick Shire; (Warwick, Toowoomba, Pathdowney, Boonah, Hendon, Stanthorpe)
Goondiwindi Shire; (Inglewood, St George, Thallon, Dirranhandi, Glendalough Gate, Cunnamulla) and
Longreach Shire. (Hungerford, Thargomindah, Noccundra,Adelaide Gate, Eulo, Cameron Corner)

Persons (hydrid neanderthals and neanderthals) who breach these Restraining Orders can be arrested by Private Citizens or Persons designated as Legal Authorities (e.g. ANZACMF Military Police, including Citizen Military Force Military Police) and then transported to Federal Baxter Prison.

Mr John Brown, Clerk of High Court of Australia,


Ms J Johnson-Johns, Clerk of New South Wales Supreme Court



April 08, 10:19 UTC+3

President Putin calls for maintaining freedom of Internet

The Russian president added that efforts to combat illegal content on the Internet required the online community’s participation


MOSCOW, April 8. /TASS/. The Internet should remain a free zone, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a welcome message to the participants, organizers and guests of the Tenth Russian Internet Governance Forum, which opened on Monday. First Deputy Chief of the Presidential Staff Sergei Kiriyenko read the message out.

“I am confident that we should continue to follow the principle of the freedom of the Internet, creating conditions for a wide exchange of information and the implementation of business initiatives and startups,” Putin said.

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Putin says Russia may be cut off from InternetThe Russian president added that efforts to combat illegal content on the Internet required the online community’s participation. “At the same time, it is also important to counter the risks and challenges of cyber crime and the spread of illegal content, which poses a threat to people’s rights and the state’s interests,” Putin said. “In this regard, the online community’s stance is significant, as well as its readiness for constructive dialogue,” he emphasized.

Putin pointed out that Russia’s national Internet domain – .ru – had been registered on April 7, 1994. He thanked all those “who contributed their labor, talents and enthusiasm to the creation of the Russian segment of the Internet.” “It was difficult to imagine 25 years ago that very soon, the Internet would radically change the world,” Putin said. “Social media, communication networks, distance employment and education, online trade and provision of state services have become part of everyday life for millions of people, it is a true sign of the times,” Putin said.

He also stressed that the Russian segment of the Internet “is successfully progressing, providing a significant competitive advantage to Russia to become one of the leaders of the digital age that has already begun.”