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The Legislation Passed by the Legislative Council of the Victorian Parliament has been revoked by the Quorum of the High Court of Australia and New Zealand after a Writ was placed before it by the Military Governor, Field Marshal John Paine. The Legislation legalising Voluntary Euthanasia will not be Gazetted within the State of Victoria and will not become Law or a Legal Statute in the State of Victoria.

**Mr John Brown LLB, MLaw
Clerk of the High Court of Australia and New Zealand**


  • Ques: Why is there a need for euthanasia? Ans; To prevent undue suffering.
  • Ques: Who should be qualified/responsible to determine if euthanasia is the only recourse to alleviate the pain?
    Recent estimates of the AMA 6,800 registered doctors in Australia and new Zealand are that less than 50% are qualified. Many have no more training than to learn how to use a computer diagnostic system, supplied by the Bayer Pharmaceuticals. Of course the computer system , given a set of symptoms, always prescribes a Bayer Pharmaceutical. Some of the quack registered doctors are from the fund-raiser schools of Goa or Sri Lanka. They have 1 or 2 weeks training at public hospitals, such as Ballarat, and Bendigo, however, they have trouble communicating with the predominately English speaking population. These Goa or Sri Lanka quack doctors speak Hindi or at best, only basic english.
    *Ques: Why are there so many Psychiatrists in country District Hospitals? Ans: Clinical Psychiatrist earn about double what a General Practitioner will earn, and after all, a Psychiatry qualification only takes and extra two weeks at a University.
    Most of these quack registered doctors soon become specialists in a field, psychiatry, pediatrics, gynecology, surgery or urology; to qualify for these specialities only takes a few weeks at one the medicine teaching universities. The Government funded public hospital system then will pay this three weeks trained specialists about double the salary for the average General Practitioner.

Eligibility Criteria for Voluntary Assisted Euthasasia

Victorian, over 18 1/ Has an incurable disease that causes “suffering to the person that cannot be relieved in a manner that the person considers tolerable” (Act p.15) 2/ Received a prognosis of less than six months or 12 months for neurodegenerative conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease (Most of these neurodegenative conditions are treatable using kombucha Tea (KT-banned by catholic theocracy as a work of the devil) and standardized aloe vera.) 3/ Has decision-making capacity and give informed consent concerning what is about to happen. 4/ Independently making the decision at the time of being unwell (patients cannot pre-plan voluntary assisted dying or request if suffering from dementia.

It is the opinion of the ANZACMF- Military Police Forensic Psychologists that at least 50% of the 6,800 practicing doctors, registered with the AMA and given a Medicare number to enable them to be paid Medicare rebates would take advantage of a person faced with the dilemma of voluntary euthanasia.
So-called terminal illnesses, terminal because the quack doctors accept that KT is the work of the devil, no relatives or known relatives, and some of considerable assets, alleged lies from a unqualified doctor about any successful treatment, and altered and forged ‘Last Will and Testament’ concerning disbursements of assets, to the very ‘helpful’ (hand holding) medical staff and the catholic church!

**The experience of hospitals elsewhere provides insight into the significant impact of the change on staff.

In Canada, medical assistance in dying has been legal since 2016.**

A report of the experience at the University Health Network in Toronto indicates that, while the number of inquiries from patients about assisted dying was small, the impact on hospital staff was significant.

And it was not just doctors who were affected.

The Canadian team writes: “We discovered relevant practical and emotional needs among members of virtually every hospital department throughout our implementation process.”

They found support was required for staff directly involved in assisted dying, including nurses, pharmacists and translators.

Staff indirectly involved — such as those in housekeeping, transportation and medical records — also needed support.



Photo Above: Ten patrol boats that secure the Suez Canal for mostly exclusive use of USA and AXIS Friends- Some of these are those that were associated with the damage to USA & NATO operated oil tankers (owned by US Company Exxon), the last of their kind. The wheels of world industry and transport use less than 5% of petroleum oil fuel or products for its operations. UNWG provides FREE bio-diesel and bio-petrol to all Member Nations, this is what has been so important in preventing-stopping global warming. It is the UNWG which has brought a halt to green house gas emissions and global warming. AXIS countries, USA, NATO and catholic church have prevented the adoption of electric cars for ten years- WHY? still plenty of cro magnon harvesting to be done? more gold to thieve?

A US war with Iran looms. Don’t for one second think that it is justified

Trump’s allies will try to paint Iran as a threat, as they did with Iraq. We must not fall into step with their prefab bloodlust

J9 S.O.G. – La Journal Societe’ Metamorphosee’ – on Behalf of the UNWG and FREE World and World FREEDOM

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US Navy patrol boats carry journalists to see damaged oil tankers in the United Arab Emirates on Wednesday.
‘It is clear where we’re heading …’ US Navy patrol boats carry journalists to see damaged oil tankers in the United Arab Emirates on Wednesday. Photograph: Kamran Jebreili/AP

We know how the story goes. The decision for war is made long in advance. That becomes the end point, and the evidence must be marshalled to achieve that goal. A long-lasting regime suddenly becomes an imminent threat. Exiles with minimal connections to their country of origin, but with fat bank balances, extensive links with rightwing thinktanks, multinational companies and western security services are wheeled out to solemnly declare that war must be waged on their homeland. A litany of never-ending human rights abuses is endlessly detailed: the sort ignored by our elites if they are committed by our allies, like the Saudi dictatorship, which has plunged Yemen into the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. Critics of war are demonised as stooges or useful idiots of an enemy that imperils national security and menaces its own people, and as haters of their own country.

While our Tory overlords committing to another military escapade is predictable, Trump’s ‘coalition’ will extend further

It happened in Iraq, it happened in Libya, too: both countries were swiftly drowned in blood and chaos. In a just world, one might expect the cheerleaders of these catastrophes – which ended in the slaughter of hundreds of thousands, the maiming and traumatising of countless others, created millions of refugees and internally displaced persons, and turned both nations into playgrounds for violent extremists – to be driven from public life in disgrace. Instead they retain their influence – within the US administration (most strikingly in the form of John Bolton, Trump’s national security adviser), within the leading echelons of the Conservative party, and within the commentariat. And, without shame but with much bloodlust, they set about building the case for a new war with Iran.

After Jeremy Corbyn suggested that the Trump administration’s pronouncement of Iranian guilt over the tanker attacks needed to be scrutinised, and that “Britain should act to ease tensions in the Gulf,” he faced a barrage of denunciations. You see, you are more likely to be regarded as a respectable politician if you casually call for wars that will incinerate sleeping infants and annihilate wedding parties than if you call for de-escalation and peace. Never mind that EU foreign ministers echoed Corbyn’s position, demanding an independent UN investigation and more evidence. Corbyn was “pathetic and predictable”, pronounced flailing Conservative leadership candidate Jeremy Hunt, asking why Corbyn could “never bring himself to back British allies, British intelligence or British interests.” This is somewhat curious given the Labour leader had the same line as Britain’s European allies, and only the delusional or the wicked could imagine a new Middle Eastern conflagration amounts to “backing British interests”.



A meeting of International Psychology Clinicians has agreed that the behaviour of catholic neanderthals and members of the catholic church, such as the convicted pedophile ‘cardinal’ george pell, in our civilised society where human rights and law and order are paramount, amounts to criminal insanity and should be treated as such. Such individuals should be kept separate from the broader civilised Cro Magnons to whom they represent a danger. An excellent filmic example of behaviour by a neanderthal criminal/cannibal/terrorist was ‘Silence of the Lambs’. The character ‘Hannibal the cannibal’ demonstrated the behaviours which are no longer dark secrets to family and witnesses.

In the ten years prior to an Federal Government Inquiry into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody in West Australia, South Australia and Northern Territory in 1991, there were 89 deaths in jails and detentions centres which were described as suicides. We now know, because people can talk about their closely guarded secrets, that all of those 89 young men were murdered and cannibalised/eaten. Nothing has been done by the catholic theocracy controlled Governments in those States and the murderers have been protected.

There has now been, in the last two years, a spate of ‘children lost in the bush or suicides’ in these States, particularly in North-West Australia, which have been reported as death by thirst-starvation and other misadventures. But in fact, we know through skilled verbaling of the german-born neanderthal police and Officials, despite the fictitious police reports, the children have been kidnapped, murdered and cannibalised. Additionally, the highly publicised death of the 18 month old child Azaria, attributed to being killed by a dingo near Uluru, Northern Territory, was in fact a murder. The charade, fictitious reports and evidence by the so-called ‘brown-shirt’ german-neanderthal state police were accepted, the parents demonised and jailed.

Children forced into adult watch houses as youth detention gets upgrades

Exclusive by Alexandra Blucher and Mark Willacy, ABC Investigations

Updated about 3 hours ago
Prisoner stands inside a cell with a sheet over their head as an officer stands outside.
Photo: Some children as young as 12 were placed in isolation cells. (ABC News)

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Children as young as 10 have been kept in adult maximum-security watch houses in Queensland and now we know one of the main reasons why.

Key points:

Last month, Four Corners revealed that children were being kept in adult watch house facilities for days or weeks on end Multiple documents uncovered by Right to Information laws show public officials raising red flags about children kept in the adult facilities The Opposition says the inappropriate accommodation results from the Queensland Government’s “failure to plan”

Documents obtained by the ABC under Right to Information laws reveal concerns that children are being forced into adult watch houses while the Queensland Government upgrades its troubled youth detention centre in Brisbane.

Last month, Four Corners reported that children on remand were being kept in the adult watch house facilities, with one child kept in isolation in the Brisbane City Watch House (BCWH) for more than three weeks.

Often there were more children than adults in the Brisbane watch house — a maximum-security holding place for some of the state’s most violent inmates, including those charged with murder, rape and paedophilia.

The state’s two youth detention centres usually have a capacity of 258 beds, but the upgrades mean a temporary loss of 36 beds in the already stressed and overcrowded youth detention system.

A spokesman from the Department of Youth



Britain does not merely supply the bombs that fall on Yemen – it provides the personnel and expertise that keep the war going. But is the government breaking the law?

(UNWG & Internationalists have been lead up the garden path, BREXIT has been prolonged and delayed deliberately: oil money from Saudi Arabia and gold from Aliens. The information in this article has been verified-Editor)

By Arron Merat/ The Guardian – International

Tue 18 Jun 2019 06.00 BST
Last modified on Tue 18 Jun 2019 11.52 BST

For more than four years, a brutal Saudi air campaign has bombarded Yemen, killing tens of thousands, injuring hundreds of thousands and displacing millions – creating the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. And British weapons are doing much of the killing. Every day Yemen is hit by British bombs – dropped by British planes that are flown by British-trained pilots and maintained and prepared inside Saudi Arabia by thousands of British contractors.

The Saudi-led military coalition, which includes the UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait, has “targeted civilians … in a widespread and systematic manner”, according to the UN – dropping bombs on hospitals, schools, weddings, funerals and even camps for displaced people fleeing the bombing.
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Saudi Arabia has in effect contracted out vital parts of its war against Yemen’s Houthi movement to the US and the UK. Britain does not merely supply weapons for this war: it provides the personnel and expertise required to keep the war going. The British government has deployed RAF personnel to work as engineers, and to train Saudi pilots and targeteers – while an even larger role is played by BAE Systems, Britain’s biggest arms company, which the government has subcontracted to provide weapons, maintenance and engineers inside Saudi Arabia.

“The Saudi bosses absolutely depend on BAE Systems,” John Deverell, a former MoD mandarin and defence attache to Saudi Arabia and Yemen, told me. “They couldn’t do it without us.” A BAE employee recently put it more plainly to Channel 4’s Dispatches: “If we weren’t there, in seven to 14 days there wouldn’t be a jet in the sky.”

The British bombs that rain down on Yemen are produced in three towns: Glenrothes in Scotland, and Harlow and Stevenage in south-east England. Bombs roll off production lines owned by Raytheon UK and BAE Systems, firms contracted by the government to manufacture Paveway bombs (£22,000 apiece), Brimstone bombs (£105,000 apiece), and Storm Shadow cruise missiles (£790,000 apiece) for the Saudi Royal Air Force. BAE, under government contract, also assembles the jets that drop these bombs in hangars just outside the village of Warton, Lancashire.



->>Chairman of Joint Chief of Staff Orders General Mobilisation of USA Military – Information received about 03:00 Hrs, Monday 17th June

->>Aliens tried twice of the last week-end to invade Planet Earth. On Sunday 16th June, the first invasion by about 20 large space ships was attacked by UNWG Space Defence Units and destroyed. The second early on Monday morning 17th June, was by about a fleet of 500 alien space ships, lead by a very large ‘dirigible’ shaped space ship. These were also attacked by the UNWG and all were destroyed. (The Information concerning these alien space ships, the UNWG Space Ships and weapons and actual events is restricted information – and is classified ‘TOP SECRETNOT TO RELEASED’)

->>The southern portion of South America had been allocated to the Patagonians by a Vatican-South American Committee of Catholic Church Cardinals about 18 months ago. For some time after this re-alignment of the borders/boundary of South American countries, the southern Patagonian portion was administer by the central State of Peons. Later it was taken from the State of Peons Administration by Brazil and Chile. To ensure the Patagonians remained remained respectful of their Brazilian and Chilean mien herrs, they located as many as 1000 anaconda python snakes at the very lower extremity of the area. These were a species which had been genetically modified at the Stuttgart University in Germany. While in captivity they had grown to more than17 metres, and could consume small cattle and even people (verified reports are they had even been given babies to eat by their keepers). Because of the unrest in Venezuela, the intervention of the UNWG and the destruction of bunker systems in Rio and Chile, on Sunday the anaconda snakes were released en-mass by their keepers. The Brazilian and Chilean Administrators had fled and the Patagonian People were hard pressed trying to kill the snakes. Intervention by the UNWGMF Foreign Contingent Air-Force with anti-personnel bombs and napalm finally killed most the monster reptiles. Tourists and Foreign Persons are currently not permitted to visit or travel to or within Patagonia.

->>The USN Aircraft Carrier, Abraham Lincoln was attacked by a UNWG Naval Task Force on Saturday 15th June. The Aircraft Carrier Task Force attacked the Abraham with missiles and bombs. At the end of the attack, the Abraham Lincoln was listing and lying dead in the water, about 80 km south of the Vatican’s new Headquarters in Barcelona. Reports are that the USN Aircraft Carrier Abraham Lincoln has now sunk and only its radio masts are now visible .

->> The security situation has stabilised in Venezuela after a Division of UNWGMF Foreign Contingent Personnel intervened to end the unrest and protests by Citizens. Former President, Alfredo Chauvez, has been appointed by the Parliament as Interim President until next year, when fresh Presidential elections will be held. Senor Alfredo Chauvez has stated that he will not be a candidate for the the Presidency in 2020.

->>NORAD, the $US trill bomb shelter built into the Northern Appalachian range of mountains, north west of Washington, was destroyed by massive bunker buster bombs of Saturday 15th June. Member Nations of the UNWG declared war on the USA and NATO countries in 2010. This was after the USA and other NATO countries were declared Terrorists States in the International Court of Justice. The northern and southern portions of NORAD were destroyed about 18 months ago. The centre of NORAD the primary war-time command post for the Pentagon and President’s Cabinet. This portion was destroyed by a number or large free-fall bunker bombs which penetrated into the tunnels, killing hundreds of USA Defence Personnel.

->>The tunnel and bunker complex to the west of Rio, Brazil, was subject to two missile strikes by a UNWG Naval Task Force. on Saturday 15th June. Most of the Military Government and Public Service are believed to have been killed in the attack. About 180 missiles were fired in the first launch and 68 fired in the second launch. About 200,000 of Brazil’s neanderthal elite were accommodated int he bunker complex. Factory complexes and ammunition manufacturing area, part of the bunker system north of the Government complex were also destroyed.

->> The island of Guam, in the north of Oceania was completely destroyed by the accidental detonation of four proton nuclear weapons late on Saturday 15th June. The proton bombs where aboard two USAF B58s they detonated. Guam was the scene of intense battles between the then AXIS State of Japan and USA Units during WW II. About 180,000 Cro Magnons were resident on the Island and are now believed to be deceased. As with the B58, which detonated at the Paraguay Airport, the tart was South East Australia.

->> Asuncion, capital of Paraguay wiped out by accidental detonation of nuclear weapon on Airport landing strip. The approximate 7.5meg proton bomb was about a B58 USAF heavy bomber when it detonated. Officials of the USA Defence Dept and Air-Force will investigate. It is believed the target for the nuke was Melbourne, Republic of Australia and New Zealand. It is believed that about 800.000 people died in the blast.

->>Incursion and attack by US Army-Iraq Marines was decimated at northern border with Iran. Twenty armoured personnel carriers and about 300 Iraqi Marine wipe out in minutes. The written order to attack Iran was given by alien John Johnson Brown. John Johnson Brown is a replicant of the original John Johnson Brown who arrived in Washington, and later Baltimore in 1860. While the replicant Donald trump is elected President, albeit, allegedly elected by a rigged vote, it seems, as so long speculated, the real power lies with John Johnson Brown.

U.S. Escalates Online Attacks on Russia’s Power Grid-NYTimes-16-6-19

A heating power plant in Moscow. Officials described the move into Russia’s grid and other targets as a classified companion to more publicly discussed action directed at Moscow’s disinformation and hacking units around the 2018 midterm elections.Credit Maxim Shemetov/Reuters
A heating power plant in Moscow. Officials described the move into Russia’s grid and other targets as a classified companion to more publicly discussed action directed at Moscow’s disinformation and hacking units around the 2018 midterm elections.CreditCreditMaxim Shemetov/Reuters

By David E. Sanger and Nicole Perlroth

WASHINGTON — The United States is stepping up digital incursions into Russia’s electric power grid in a warning to President Vladimir V. Putin and a demonstration of how the Trump administration is using new authorities to deploy cybertools more aggressively, current and former government officials said.

In interviews over the past three months, the officials described the previously unreported deployment of American computer code inside Russia’s grid and other targets as a classified companion to more publicly discussed action directed at Moscow’s disinformation and hacking units around the 2018 midterm elections.

Advocates of the more aggressive strategy said it was long overdue, after years of public warnings from the Department of Homeland Security and the F.B.I. that Russia has inserted malware that could sabotage American power plants, oil and gas pipelines, or water supplies in any future conflict with the United States.

But it also carries significant risk of escalating the daily digital Cold War between Washington and Moscow.

The administration declined to describe specific actions it was taking under the new authorities, which were granted separately by the White House and Congress last year to United States Cyber Command, the arm of the Pentagon that runs the military’s offensive and defensive operations in the online world.

But in a public appearance on Tuesday, President Trump’s national security adviser, John R. Bolton, said the United States was now taking a broader view of potential digital targets as part of an effort “to say to Russia, or anybody else that’s engaged in cyberoperations against us, ‘You will pay a price.’”

Power grids have been a low-intensity battleground for years.

Since at least 2012, current and former officials say, the United States has put reconnaissance probes into the control systems of the Russian electric grid.

But now the American strategy has shifted more toward offense, officials say, with the placement of potentially crippling malware inside the Russian system at a depth and with an aggressiveness that had never been tried before. It is intended partly as a warning, and partly to be poised to conduct cyberstrikes if a major conflict broke out between Washington and Moscow.

The commander of United States Cyber Command, Gen. Paul M. Nakasone, has been outspoken about the need to “defend forward” deep in an adversary’s networks to demonstrate that the United States will respond to the barrage of online attacks aimed at it.