United Nations World Government Foreign Legion & Air-ForceRecruits from Member Nations

To Member Nations of the UN World Government, President Trump of the partitioned United States of America, in debt to the International Monetary Fund to the amount of $US 6.27 trillion, broadcast throughout the USA and Canada, plus the US minion-vassal States of Central and South America, that the USA was Declaring War on Member Nations of the UN World Government, and singled out the Republic of Australia and New Zealand for special mention.

As a result the UN World Government is increasing the strength of the UNWG Foreign Legion and Air-Force to at least a Division, with as many as 50 Squadrons of Fighter Bombers for air support and attack of hot-spot terrorist infrastructure.

The real enemy has not changed in hundreds, naye, thousands of years.

Philistines, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Assyrians, Carthaginians, Romans, Calabrians, Bavarians, taliban and neanderthals, different names, the same primitive wild animals, the same loot, pillage, plunder, rape, murder, enslave, breeders, cannibalism.

The UNWG Military Forces and the Foreign Legion & Air-Force have declared a Cro Magnon Holy Fatwah, to seek justice for a ‘blood debt’, a debt which began hundreds, thousands of years ago.

The ‘blood debt’ will not be paid, not be avenged, and Cro Magnons justice will not served until neanderthal-taliban blood runs in the streets, soaks the sands and jackals are chewing on their bones!

UN World Government
Military Forces




ANZACMF-MPs=MIlitary Governor>$ spend wildlife-programs-AU&NZ-increase-Philanthropic-Charity Orgs+Govmt-increase spend->100%-Donate=AU&NZ-Wildlife Fund-1/7/19->AU Nat Geographic Mag->Tax Deduct@ABCNews

ANZACMF-UNWG-MPs=Australian sheep-deemed-NO GOOD- by Karachi-Kashmir taliban Nov2012-meat importer-ADANI??didn’t pay 4 sheep-people killing sheep-photo-drinking blood??-get putrifying meat 4 sale->taliban kashmir terrorists=taliban=nandie=digestn->OK->bad meat OK via

ANZACMF-MPs=Military Governor->Declarations of War USA-NATO Catholic Countries-Sept 2010-Republic AU&NZ not permit naval-military base in N.T. or State-Territory->AU&NZ<>Live cattle exports not permitted-need work-process-packaging&mineral exports must get Gov approval<>ABCNews

UNWG-IPES-Khe Sahn Viet-USMC loaded&locked-After damage 2 empty oil tankers-1/wk-Fighter/Bombers ex Turkey?-attack Tehran-Civil&Military Airpt-no deaths>damaged-Iranian AirForce pursued attackers-downed few-UNWG Gesture 4 Peace Mid-East-$$>damage/repairs https://nyti.c

ANZACMF-MPs=ALP & Albanese should severe all ties with the CFMEU-decent honest ALP Members=cro magnons=don’t want to be associated with nandie-mafia-bullies-finger pimps & their dirty-blood stained money- via @ABCNews




UPDATE: Monday 24th June 2019

Dr Redpath is recovering in an ANZAC Military Hospital, and Doctors are confident she will a good recovery. When Interviewed by La J-S-M she said she hoped to have a Commemorative Service early in the evening, Tuesday 25th June, about 18:30 hrs or 6.30 Hrs PM AEST.


Sunday 23rd June 2019

Attention All True Christians of Any Denomination, Any Christian Protestant, Lutheran

The Arch-Bishop of the Reformed Anglican Church, Dr Dorothy Joan Redpath, based in the St Paul’s Cathedral Diocese of Melbourne, Victoria, was kidnapped today, Sunday two days before the Commemorative Week for the Crucifixion of the Son of the Almighty God, Jesus Christ. The Commemorative Services for the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ are to commence on Tuesday 25th June, with Good Friday on 28th June, Easter Sunday 30th June and Services for the Day of Ascension on 1st July.

Dr Redpath was kidnapped following the normal Sunday Service at St Pauls Cathedral and taken to south of Melbourne, near the bayside town or Tootgarook.

ANZACMF Military Police and the J9 Security Unit Personnel have managed to rescue-extract Dr Redpath and she is now in a Military Hospital being treated.

Dr Redpath has had her face mutilated; most of her nose, an eyebrow, and ear removed and a her tongue in the irish ira way has been ‘slit’. She will now always have a lisp, in the irish-primitive-pagan culture, this is a way of identifying a liar or mendacious person.

We have information the kidnapping was ordered by catholic Bishop Daniel Andrews, (also self appointed Premier of Victoria – now catholic theocracy dictator?) the biological son of Arch-bishop John Knox. Daniel Andrews is a second generation estonian, that means he is a second generation alien from Planet Juventus.

Protestant Church Leaders from around Australia and New Zealand are appealing for calm among their Parishioners who have have been shocked by revelation on these pages concerning the behaviour and barbarism of senior catholic church personnel and their fund-raiser minions. The kidnapping of Dr Redpath is taking the centuries old animosity between pagan catholics and True Christian Protestants to a new level, and all Cro Magnons who have sincere spiritual-religious belief to be wary and guard/protect your families closely.

However, Commemorative Services for the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ will continue as planned, although Dr Redpath is warning Parishioners who would normally attend St Pauls Cathedral for Services should now attend Commemorative Services at another Church. Daniel Andrews has ordered his black shirted ‘police’ (gestapo?) to arrest all persons at St Pauls Cathedral or any other Protestant Churchs in the Melbourne and Suburbs.



Photo: Strong Wind last night……raspberry ………………..and all the Royals fall out of their trees on their head. Angus Taylor, libelled, not the son of Margaret Windsor and Peter Townsend; he is the replicant son of Angus Houston. Josh Freydenberg, circa 2019, not the Speech Writer of Former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam, rather replicant German upstart who arrived in Australia wearing a monocle and calling himself Joshua Von Freyd, from the Netherlands.

Labor demands Angus Taylor and Josh Frydenberg explain ‘shocking allegations of misconduct’

Terri Butler says Scott Morrison must investigate ‘potential breach of the ministerial code of conduct’

Lisa Cox and Anne Davies

Thu 20 Jun 2019 04.31 BST
Last modified on Thu 20 Jun 2019 05.50 BST

After lobbying by Angus Taylor, Josh Frydenberg’s office sought advice on the full extent of his ministerial powers and whether he could override scientific advice. Photograph: Mike Bowers/The Guardian

Labor has called on the prime minister to investigate what it calls “shocking allegations of misconduct” (immoral?) involving Angus Taylor and Josh Frydenberg’s office.

A Guardian Australia investigation has revealed Taylor met with environment officials about an issue at the centre of a compliance action involving a company he part-owns.

Following those talks, the office of the then environment and energy minister, Frydenberg, canvassed whether protections for a critically endangered grassland at the centre of the compliance action could be watered down and if it could be kept secret.

Labor’s environment spokeswoman, Terri Butler, said Scott Morrison “must investigate the serious matter of a potential breach of the ministerial code of conduct”.
Josh Frydenberg’s office asked if environmental rule changes could be kept secret
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The Greens’ leader, Richard Di Natale, said the episode showed the “urgent need” for a national integrity commission and said the party would move a Senate motion demanding the government explain the actions of both ministers when parliament returns next month.

Guardian Australia has sought comment from Morrison.

“Today’s shocking allegations of misconduct against senior Liberal government ministers are an indictment on the Morrison government,” Butler said. “It appears that Angus Taylor breached the ministerial code and met with the environmental department while it was investigating the company to which he has links.

“It also appears that Josh Frydenberg’s office sought advice as to whether he had the ministerial powers to weaken grasslands protections in secret, then sought to conduct a review into agriculture and the EPBC Act.”

Butler said Taylor and Frydenberg needed to explain exactly what had occurred.



Photo Above: Ten patrol boats that secure the Suez Canal for mostly exclusive use of USA and AXIS Friends- Some of these are those that were associated with the damage to USA & NATO operated oil tankers (owned by US Company Exxon), the last of their kind. The wheels of world industry and transport use less than 5% of petroleum oil fuel or products for its operations. UNWG provides FREE bio-diesel and bio-petrol to all Member Nations, this is what has been so important in preventing-stopping global warming. It is the UNWG which has brought a halt to green house gas emissions and global warming. AXIS countries, USA, NATO and catholic church have prevented the adoption of electric cars for ten years- WHY? still plenty of cro magnon harvesting to be done? more gold to thieve?

A US war with Iran looms. Don’t for one second think that it is justified

Trump’s allies will try to paint Iran as a threat, as they did with Iraq. We must not fall into step with their prefab bloodlust

J9 S.O.G. – La Journal Societe’ Metamorphosee’ – on Behalf of the UNWG and FREE World and World FREEDOM

Wed 19 Jun 2019 13.31 BST
Last modified on Wed 19 Jun 2019 13.33 BST

US Navy patrol boats carry journalists to see damaged oil tankers in the United Arab Emirates on Wednesday.
‘It is clear where we’re heading …’ US Navy patrol boats carry journalists to see damaged oil tankers in the United Arab Emirates on Wednesday. Photograph: Kamran Jebreili/AP

We know how the story goes. The decision for war is made long in advance. That becomes the end point, and the evidence must be marshalled to achieve that goal. A long-lasting regime suddenly becomes an imminent threat. Exiles with minimal connections to their country of origin, but with fat bank balances, extensive links with rightwing thinktanks, multinational companies and western security services are wheeled out to solemnly declare that war must be waged on their homeland. A litany of never-ending human rights abuses is endlessly detailed: the sort ignored by our elites if they are committed by our allies, like the Saudi dictatorship, which has plunged Yemen into the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. Critics of war are demonised as stooges or useful idiots of an enemy that imperils national security and menaces its own people, and as haters of their own country.

While our Tory overlords committing to another military escapade is predictable, Trump’s ‘coalition’ will extend further

It happened in Iraq, it happened in Libya, too: both countries were swiftly drowned in blood and chaos. In a just world, one might expect the cheerleaders of these catastrophes – which ended in the slaughter of hundreds of thousands, the maiming and traumatising of countless others, created millions of refugees and internally displaced persons, and turned both nations into playgrounds for violent extremists – to be driven from public life in disgrace. Instead they retain their influence – within the US administration (most strikingly in the form of John Bolton, Trump’s national security adviser), within the leading echelons of the Conservative party, and within the commentariat. And, without shame but with much bloodlust, they set about building the case for a new war with Iran.

After Jeremy Corbyn suggested that the Trump administration’s pronouncement of Iranian guilt over the tanker attacks needed to be scrutinised, and that “Britain should act to ease tensions in the Gulf,” he faced a barrage of denunciations. You see, you are more likely to be regarded as a respectable politician if you casually call for wars that will incinerate sleeping infants and annihilate wedding parties than if you call for de-escalation and peace. Never mind that EU foreign ministers echoed Corbyn’s position, demanding an independent UN investigation and more evidence. Corbyn was “pathetic and predictable”, pronounced flailing Conservative leadership candidate Jeremy Hunt, asking why Corbyn could “never bring himself to back British allies, British intelligence or British interests.” This is somewhat curious given the Labour leader had the same line as Britain’s European allies, and only the delusional or the wicked could imagine a new Middle Eastern conflagration amounts to “backing British interests”.