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Tuesday 2 Jan 2019

Meerkat Family

Photo: Meerkat Sentries, One for All, All for One-> Cro magnons should learn this simple message-> all cro magnos should be wary of neanderthals-alien monkeys seeking to kidnap them and children for food-canning

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

New Flag for Austraklian and New Zealand Nationhood-Republic

Tuesday 15th January 2019

The Oath of Allegiance to the Republic of Australia and New Zealand:

We Swear by the Spirit of the Land and by God Almighty to remain steadfastly loyal to Our Land and Our Nation, come what may. We swear by the Spirit of Our Land and by the God Almighty to remain loyal to the Republic of Australia and New Zealand through all threats, adversity and tribulation, through drought and flood, plenty or poverty.

When we War on behalf of our Land, Nation, Republic and Peoples we will War not for glory, not for honour nor wealth, we will War for FREEDOM; only FREEDOM is worth the ultimate sacrifice.

May the Spirit of the Land Go With Us, and may the God Almighty Send Us Good Fortune.

Council of Elders

Indigenous Peoples of Australia and New Zealand


Republic of Australia and New Zealand.



Republic of Australia and New Zealand.


Tuesdasy 15th January 2019

We always respect those who have lived and fought and died, men and women, during the Wars of Colonial Australia and New Zealand and during the Wars in which the Commonwealth of Australia and the State of New Zealand were engaged during the 19th, 20th and 21st Centuries.

Men and Women went to War under a different flag, the flag with the English neanderthal NATO union jack prominent.

While we, the ANZAC Military Forces, will War under a different banner, under a different flag in this new era, they were no less honourable than us, no less courageous, no less brave. Many made the ultimate sacrifice needlessly, many were deliberately murdered by the corruption, greed and to prevent from presenting a future threat to the english-catholic neanderthals-minions who stayed at home.

In all the conflicts in which Australians and New Zealanders were involved, they were betrayed by the English, by European neanderthals and often they fought against their own kind. They fought against other cro magnons being betrayed by their neanderthal masters or criminals leaders, just as we were.

Many good, honest cro magnons, on both sides, died needlessly, in foreign lands, with the hopelessness of betrayal in their gut and hearts.

Australians and New Zealanders, with our self-determination carefully documented and sacred, a new flag or banner under which to War and Rally, with new hope for the future in our hearts, new respect for our Land and each Other, we go forth into the future with optimism.

As our soldiers and pilots, and sailors will go into battle flying their very own flag; the battle cry will be FREEDOM ...FREEDOM....FREEDOM.


La Journal Societe' Metamorphosee'



Tuesday 2 Jan 2019 A.D.